Boys and girls that held her dear,
Do your weeping now;
All you loved of her lies here.

Brought to earth the arrogant brow,
And the withering tongue
Chastened; do your weeping now.

Sing whatever songs are sung,
Wind whatever wreath,
For a playmate perished young,

For a spirit spent in death.
Boys and girls that held her dear,
All you loved of her lies here.

-Edna St. Vincent Millay

Ow My Hands


EW. I hate looking at my hands after an intensive practice. Especially after handspring practice. Every time I shake someone’s hands, I imagine they must be frightened by my calluses. All rough, tough and stuff!
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This has become the story of my life.

Anonymous asked:
What if penises had little faces on them and every time you blew them they were like "Gah my face ow my face stop it stop it" But your boyfriend was like "Dude shut up I like this" Would you blow him still?

I’d smack them around first until they shut up.

mariposaduende asked:
If I were a cat, what kind would I be? =P

You’d be a siamese!

mariposaduende asked:
:Having a baby is like getting a tattoo in your face" HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT QUOTE?


Hopefully our lady bits won’t be as ugly after the trauma of childbirth as a face tattoo is.

liveagainphoenix-deactivated201 asked:
But tetras do good in groups of like 3 or more. I only have two so I feel bad for them, but I dont want more tetras cause I have goldfish now.

Like mice? I think I’d rather have mice cos they’re furry and I can pet them. :3